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Rosa Landers is an actress from Berlin.

In June 2017, she completed her acting BA (Honours) degree at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona (IAB), a new international drama school with UK University validation.
Her commitment to acting became more serious just before she turned 18, when she went away to live in Liverpool and London for a two year BTEC Diploma in Acting and Musical Theatre which strengthened her passion for dancing and singing. Music plays a big part in her life.

Within her Bachelor course, she had the privilege to work with various professional directors, such as the sublime director Rob Watt who staged “Earthquakes in London”, a far-reaching play in which Rosa explored the profound role of Freya. Overall, she had the chance to create complex characters of different ages and qualities in plays like “The Visit” and “Picnic”.
In her first year out of drama school, she became part of the ensemble of the Monbijou Theatre, where actors slip into the shoes of fairy tale figues in the winter saison, and perform classics in the summer (Faust, Macbeth, …) – oftentimes with a little humorous twist.
Rosa also is part of the Boom Box Babes, a physical theatre and dance company made of four young ladies who specialise in interactive performance.

Rosa is truly excited to continue performing on stage but has strong aspirations to engage in film work. She is open to independent projects, short, feature, national and international wide, as well as much else that is out there (surreal, action, comedy, crime, drama, fantasy, historical, horror, improvisation, mystery, philosophical, political, romance, saga, satire, science fiction, social, thriller, western, …). 


Art is not an exact science, and there are no formulas and yet when you add up talent plus dedication, you get the wonderful actress Rosa Landers.
Frank Feys, actor, owner and teacher of the Actors Workshop Spain

Rosa received First Class Honours for her degree, the highest mark, because of her
dedication to the course, to her improvement as an actress, and also because
of her talent.
Drew Mulligan, MFA, Dip (RADA), MA (Hons)

I worked with Rosa in 2016 when I directed her in the lead role in Earthquakes in London. Rosa is a focused, detailed and talented actor. She has a natural ability to get underneath the skin of complex characters and translate this to an audience effortlessly. She strives for excellence and is a delight to have in a rehearsal room. I look forward to working with her in the future.
Rob Watt, director, dramaturg

Rosa Landers Academic and Professional Reference July 2017
Rosa Landers from Oscar Valsecchi
Rosa Landers from Valentina Temussi


Das Imperium Talent Agency



Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Berlin, 1993




Jazz*, Soul*, Gospel*, Reggae*

Ballroom, Belly Dance, Boulder, Burlesque, Capoeira, Salsa, Samba, Street Dance, Tango

German*( Hochdeutsch, Berlinerisch), English*( RP, GenAm), Spanish

Guitar, drumming, juggling

*advanced level

CV – Rosa Landers English
Lebenslauf Schauspiel_ Rosa Landers Deutsch